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Simple test for ADD????? Just a theory

John B. Zuckerman johnz at cs.indiana.edu
Tue Nov 21 17:49:54 EST 1995

In article <pppnic.122.001C0CCC at actrix.gen.nz> pppnic at actrix.gen.nz (Nic Cave-Lynch) writes:

   >Your report of your friend's experience is troubling.  It is well
   >known (to experts, that is) that ADHD is a diagnosis of exclusion and
   >that many other problems should be considered first, including LD and

   >But it is also almost unbelievable to me that an LASD school principal
   >would behave that way. In this age of school psychologists, special
   >education, teacher sensitivity training, etc., why would a principal
   >not follow "correct procedure" and urge an expert assessment?
   >Teachers (or principals) who diagnose are absolutely acting out of

   >I suspect you haven't accurately related all the facts in this matter.

   >Your characterization of ADHD as a "pop" diagnosis is hurtful and
   >inaccurate.  That's a very disparaging way of putting it.

   >- John Z.

   >John Zuckerman
   >Indiana University

   Something very similar is happening here in NZ. A private school with an 
   Excellent reputation in the Wellington area recently refused a place to a boy 
   on the basis of the principal's judgement (based on a single meeting of an 
   interview while the kid was convalescent after flu) that he was hyperactive 
   and wouldn't be considered for admission without a prescription. He's not even 
   remotely hyperactive, by the way. So Yes, I do believe it can happen. Not 
   everyone follows the letter of the law, you know - they rely on us being too 
   cowed or worried about creating an unpleasant situation to do anything.

My comments were specifically in reference to the alleged behavior of
public school principal in this country's second largest city.  All
bets are off when dealing with an exclusive private school.

- John Z.

John Zuckerman
Indiana University

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