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Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Wed Nov 22 20:28:02 EST 1995

Dear Jason:  You asked for it, and I'm glad that you did!  I will tell 
you I may be guilty of over-kill because we have so much on email.  And 
we have been taking the experiences on NutraSweet off the net, and I'll 
send you that report, although not up-to-date, which is very lengthy.  
I've been on Internet since June.  I also have three rooms of documents.

But first I will send you a post I just did called MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND or
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO?  My quotes are taken from a letter from the late FDA
toxicologist to Senator Howard Metzenbaum.  Senator Metzenbaum in seeing 
all the problems occurring from NutraSweet tried to pass a bill that 
would have put a warning on NutraSweet, caused a moratorium and done 
independent studies not funded by Searle (Monsanto bought Searle in 1985)
with regard to the problems creeping up in the population.  Drug and 
chemical companies have deep pockets and it was stopped.  Senator Orrin
Hatch refused to allow a warning and I have actual video tapes of the 
congressional hearings.

The quotes from Dr. Gross talk about the tests that approved aspartame.  
So when you ask for these scientific studies realize they were funded by 
Searle and based on what Dr. Gross mentions in his letter to Senator 
Metzenbaum.  Originally U.S. Sam Skinner was asked to indict Searle for 
fraud but instead Sam Skinner went to work for Searle's law firm 
defending the case.  You will read the history called NutraPoison from our
auto-responder written by Alex Constantine with 98 references.  

Since there have been probably 60 independent studies done that were not 
funded by Searle or Monsanto and they were all disastrous.  In fact, when
Dr. Walton decided to do a study the NutraSweet Company refused to sell 
him the aspartame.  Dr. Walton purchased analytically certified USP grade 
aspartame from a distributor.  The frequency and severity of psychiatric, 
neurologic, eye and other side effects caused the institutional REview 
Board to terminate the project prematurely.  People were bleeding from 
the eyes, conjunctival bleeding, and saying they were poisoned!

Dr. Diana Dow Edwards was asked by NutraSweet to do a study on birth 
defects and agreed to fund her.  When the results again were disastrous
the NutraSweet Company withdrew their funding and refused to accept the 

I have Dr. Roberts report on brain cancer which was peer reviewed on 
email and I can forward that one.  Mark Gold has some of them on his web 
page which is http://www.tiac.net/users/mgold/health.html

Our auto-responder is freeinfo at servint.com

We have on it our warning flyer, Dr. Roberts paper on aspartame and 
diabetics (warning them), two or three classic case histories that we see 
over and over again - aspartame destroys the nervous system and most 
people who are on it for sometime have multiple sclerosis symptoms, 
unfortunately being diagnosed with MS when in reality its methanol 
toxicity which mimics MS.  Now that aspartame is in 5000 products we are 
seeing so many of these cases its incredible.  One hospice nursing asst,
Susan Laird that she has 6 friends who are Diet Coke addicts and she and 
them have all been diagnosed with MS.  

I just did an interview with the widow of Joyce Wilson who went blind on
aspartame and died a vegetable with Alzheimer type symptoms because it 
fries the brain and memory loss is one of the most common symptoms.  She 
founded Aspartame Victims and Their Friends, and Richard just turned over
some of the records to me, so I have some of these studies I've never 
seen, done independently, but not yet on email.  This is where I got some 
of the secret trade information.  She tried to warn the world with her 
last breath - it was her mission! Its a heartbreaking story.  And a 
medically documented case.  I just wrote the story for publication.

One of the things Richard told me was that back in the 80's the FDA 
already had 10,000 complaints but would take them to the AIDS Hotline.  
They never wanted to admit over 10,000.  This must be true because books
record patients being told to take their complaints to the AIDS Hotline, 
or either told they were not taking complaints. Dr. Kessler says only 1%
complain to the FDA anyway, of serious problems.  Yet, the August, 1995
report which I will forward to you list 92 documented symptoms (mostly 
neurological) from coma to death.  They throw death in there as a symptom.

Shannon Roth who also went blind had Aspartame Victims and Their Friends 
in Ocala and I don't know how many complaints she had.  I would imagine 
she had to give them up when she settled.  We never hear from her now.
A Pennsylvania group I believe also settled.

Mary Nash Stoddard, founder of Aspartame Consumer Safety Network 
(214-352-4268) and the Worldwide Pilot Hotline has thousands and 
thousands of complaints.  They are worldwide just like Mission Possible.
And we have complaints that don't stop.

People are sick and dying on aspartame.  It is POISON - and it has no 
other use.  I will forward you a post I did for the McLibel Network that
quotes the Congressional Record stating that aspartame is not a diet 
product and makes you gain weight.  This post has the many devastations 
of aspartame. It is deadly for diabetics and the world expert, Dr. 
Roberts, is a diabetic specialist!  I would highly suggest you listen to 
his tapes he just brought up-to-date - ASPARTAME, IS IT SAFE? (1 800 
-814-9800).  Dr. Roberts has also been researching Alzheimers for 30 
years and you can get his new book DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMRS DISEASE at 
this number also.  He tells you how NutraSweet is escalating Alzheimers.
Susan Laird told me 30 year old women are now being admitted with Alzheimers!
The book has already been nominated for a Pulitzer.

I will also forward you a letter from the FDA admitting the studies that 
approved aspartame were funded by Searle - the company Skinner was told 
to indict for fraud.  Those studies have absolutely no validity as Dr. 
Gross admits in the post I will forward MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND!

NutraSweet is not a food additive = it is a drug.  Any drug that can 
cause 92 documented symptoms - many that lead to death - is not one you 
want to put in food and drug you consume all day.  Richard Wilson, widow 
of Joyce, said he actually wanted to market NutraSweet - it was the best 
poison for fire ants he had ever used!  It made a good rat killer too, as 
rats in studies often acquired brain tumors and died.  And read on what 
it did for the troops in the Persian Gulf.

You said convince you - we will convince you!  Aspartame is Poison!  Dr. 
Roberts when he wrote Newt Gingrich for new Congressional Hearings said
MILLIONS are affected.  They just don't associate it with aspartame as 
the diabetic in this post you're answering didn't.  His doctor said he 
did not know why he was having 6 seizures a day.  William Reed told his 
wife he had resigned to die, and knew he didn't have much longer.  Today 
off aspartame his seizures have stopped and his MS symptoms are 
disappearing. He's very fortunate!  He listened.  Disbelievers embark on 
the Monsanto Titantic - its iceberg proof, you know!

Would three worldwide organizations working day and night - FOR NOTHING - 
unpaid - do this if people by the thousands were not sick and dying from 
this poison?  Think about it!

Betty         Operation Mission Possible

Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

On 22 Nov 1995, Jason L. Eriksen wrote:

> Betty,
> Much as your concern is touching, I am not convinced that the magnitude of
> aspartame hazards are near what you are proposing.  In fact, I think that
> they are minor, and while a few individuals may have problems with
> the metabolism of aspartame, for the majority this product is safe.
> Your argument that aspartame is metabolized partially into methanol may be
> true, but since so little aspartame is ingested, typically, there is very
> little methanol released, certainly far below a therapeutic range where it
> would have any appreciable effects.
> What I am seeing here is a bunch of anecdotal evidence and hysterical 
> claims about NutraSweet, which quite frankly I don't believe.  If you 
> wish to convince people who read bionet.neuroscience, you MUST provide
> peer-reviewed journal studies which have examined this problem and support
> your allegations.  So, I'm going to ask you to do that.  Convince me.
> At the very least, provide the AMOUNT of methanol released with
> injestion of a normal dose of aspartame (2 grams) so that people can properly
> evaluate your hypothesis (along with a literature reference).
> Jason Eriksen
> Betty Martini (betty at noel.pd.org) wrote:
> : Be glad we're warning the people.  Our email runneth over with people 
> : getting off this poison and GETTING WELL - at least the ones we get in time!
> : Many have gone blind - the methanol converts to formaldehyde and destroys 
> : the retina!
> : Regards
> : Betty
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