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WARNING! Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Labelling Need

John E. Cox j.e.cox at Cranfield.AC.UK
Thu Nov 23 13:35:15 EST 1995

Sandra L Wegert <sandraw at U.Arizona.EDU> wrote:
>> I have wondered if, since aspartame is actually a modified form off
>> phenylalanine, metabolism in phenylketonuria sufferers would leadd
>> to the same symptomes as phenylalanine itself.  Is the phenylalanine
>> actually released from the molecule or is aspartame a substrate for
>> the enzymes invovled in phenylalanine degradation?
>Phe is most certainly released from aspartame.  Check your can of Diet 
>Coke: there's a warning there for PKU's.
>> On a second note, does anyone know of any reported psychoactive
>> properties of aspartame as this molecule is chemically related
>> to neurotransmitters such as L-DOPA?  My own e
>> experience with aspartame makes me think that there is some
>> subtle effect that may only be evident during periods of 
>> suppressed neurotransmitter activity.
>As someone who has done blood-brain-barrier work, we could find no 
>evidence that aspartame even gets into the brain (Davis, T.).  What is 
>your experience?  

I've used aspartame containing drinks as a self-treatment for ADD-like
symptomes for about a year now.  I find that 1 can of diet soda resolves
a lot of the symptomes within about 10-20 minutes.  The problem is that
it only lasts for about an hour.  I've also noticed that it causes 
pretty sever visual disturbances: strangely enough I didn't notice
this until I read about it in this thread. If aspartame is really as 
bad as it looks, I will probably stop taking it but I've definately
noticed an effect.

****Please don't take this as an endorsment for aspartame.*****
****If you have ADD dont start taking it as a medicine ******

>I've found that at very high doses (3 cans of Diet 
>Coke) it gives me a slight headache and seems to aggrevate my sciatica, 
>so maybe a smidgin does get in, or maybe it's a volume effect.
>> j.e.cox at cranfield.ac.uk
>sandraw at U.Arizona.EDU


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