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aspartame again

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Thu Nov 23 14:08:41 EST 1995

Hello Richard:  Missed me, uh!  I must admit I haven't really had time to 
post lately.  I'm swamped with hundreds of messages of people asking for 
info or help because of aspartame.  Plus I've just inherited the records 
of ASPARTAME VICTIMS AND THEIR FRIENDS.  It was founded by Joyce Wilson 
who went blind and died from NutraSweet.  I interviewed her husband, 
Richard, to do a story in her memory.  When her youngest son married in
Sept. 1994 a long stem rose was laid on her empty chair.  When we exposed 
the American Diabetic Assn., for endorsing this poison with full 
knowledge that it is deadly for diabetics our press packs were garnished 
with a single long stem rose.  We gave out medical documentation to 1000 
diabetics in their walk-a-thon, sponsored by NutraSweet, of course.

Interestingly, this year there were less than 300!  We did it again.  Now
Richard awaits the birth of their first grandchild who Joyce will never know.
He went back to Daytona where they met and scattered her ashes into the sea.

Her case was medically documented - death by NutraSweet.  With all my 
medical background, I'm still a woman.  Tears were in my eyes as Richard 
told me about the thousands she ws able to get off aspartame, and how 
they resumed normal healthy, useful lives - like us - the ones she got in 
time.  But he said when she found out that with all the evidence neither 
the FDA or Government (and she went to Congress) would do nothing, she 
realized the only way to stop the insanity was to get people to spread 
the word.  Richard said it was her MISSION in life to warn the world, and 
said if people would only warn one person a day it would get around the 
world. He said sadly while people were happy to get well they just didn't 
warn others.

We at MISSION POSSIBLE went through all the channels too and realized the 
same thing that Joyce did.  But Joyce was dying and couldn't do what we have.
We wrote a warning flyer that has some of the 92 documented symptoms and 
diseases it triggers, publications, organizations and explanations.  On 
the back it says;  SPREAD THE WARNING? Copy this for your friends, 
school, workplace, lawmakers, merchants and physicians.

And guess what, we've gotten it around the world.  We started out with a 
network of hundreds of thousands.  We figure today its millions.

Richard said Joyce was so sad she couldn't get people to warn others.  
She wrote Senator Howard Metzenbaum who wrote the bill to put a warning 
on NutraSweet (bill was killed, of course, by the power of the drug co) 
and said:  "I feel aspartame is the most dangerous substance introduced 
for human consumption. Please stop this product now before the toll on 
the health of Americans is diastrous.  It is too late for me, but I hope 
we can help others."

ACCOMPLISHED".  Then at the bottom of page it says: "Rest in peace, Joyce 
Wilson, we will stop this genocidal crime against humanity."

So I've been busying lecturing, trying to answer hundreds of messages, 
record case histories, answer a phone that rings all day, and going 
through Joyce's records.  She had lots of evidence - many scientific 
reports about the hazards I've never seen - and the trade information you 
read.  I have the tapes of the Congressional Records and Sen. Orrin Hatch
attempting to stop the bill that would warn the world - he did!

No, I'm not going to tell you to have a Diet Coke - I've decided I might 
be party to a crime.  I don't want to see anybody live the nightmares we 
see people living - going from doctor to doctor - never realizing its the 
NutraSweet they are using.  Have you ever seen a toddler drining a diet 
pop having a grand mal seizure?  You don't want to!  Yes, the bill would 
have provided a warning for pregnant women, infants and children too.
The National Child Develop. Assn. said learning disabilities are at 50%.
They must have took my packet of info seriously.  They made copies and 
sent it to 10,000 offices.  We try so hard to save these babies.


Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

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