Brain implants : the Chinese made it !

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>>: > CNN today :
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>>: > Chinese doctors say brain cell implant improves IQ

>>: snip...

>>: > brains is fine but it is just the first step ! We all need brain  
>>: > modification, intelligence increase ! If anybody knows more about this,  
>>: > please post !

>>: Welcome to Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley........ Political Correctnes
>>: is straight out of Farenheit 451..

>>: it would be good technology for helping the handicapped, but for a generic
>>: whitewashing of the human race, i dunno..

>>hmmm ... "increase intelligence" eh?

>>well, i can do that without a brain implant.  just follow the
>>following simple steps to mental health:

>>        1. get rid of your TV set;
>>        2. buy some books (preferably non-fiction);
>>        3. read purchased books;
>>        4. goto 2 - loop for a few times.

>>and for the advanced course:

>>        5. stop visiting usenet so often.

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>Might improve knowledge - not necessarily intelligence.

But it's more effective use of currently exisiting resources... the
next best thing.


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