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Mark Gold mgold at max.tiac.net
Wed Nov 29 23:29:43 EST 1995

>From: rsweeney at icon-stl.net (Robert M Sweeney)
>Newsgroups: bionet.neuroscience
>Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 17:54:59 -0500
>This long dissertation on the dangers of nutrasweet is interesting buy
>also overstated. I do not quite understand how this drug can cause all the
>sympoms you say it can, and yet has never affected a single person I know.


I get letters from people stating that "everybody" they know has been 
adversely affected by aspartame.  There's bound to be some people who 
have not seen people suffering *obvious* side effects.  I've never 
met anyone who has suffered from lung cancer from cigarettes, so I 
guess that's not a problem.  :-)

Aspartame can cause a wide variety of symptoms because it can affect 
brain chemistry.  I believe it can also affect peripheral glutamate 
receptors that are not in the brain.  The methanol/formaldehyde can 
causes changes in immune system response (especially when the 
aspartame formaldehyde load is added to the significant exposure that 
already occurs for many people).

>I would have to assume that when you mention these effects you are talking
>about people with metabolic difficulties dealing with aspartame or some
>allergy to it. There are nearly allways some people out there who suffer
>negative effects from any drug -- and quite a few natural foods as well.

It is nearly impossible to be allergic to aspartame according to 
NutraSweet theories.  I agree that reactions and long-term damage 
from aspartame is probably not due to allergic reactions.  If there 
were an allergic reaction, it would have to be due to the 
beta-aspartame or an impurity.  More likely, these are toxicity 
reactions and/or changes in brain chemistry over time.

>Note: sugar can kill diabetics. Yet is sugar considered a toxic substance?
>Should I stop eating it because some people (and no doubt a more
>significantly sized population than your nutrasweet sufferers) can be
>blinded, crippled, or killed by it? Alcohol is even worse....

I'm more concerned with the long-term damage from aspartame.  I 
believe that the people who have acute reactions to the drug and get 
off of it are much better off than the people who stay on it out of 
the misguided belief that no short-term reactions means it's not 
causing damage.  

Your argument could be used as reasoning for dosing the whole 
population with a slow poison that initially affects only a subset
of people, as most poisons do at low doses.  Alcohol *when abused* is 
dangerous -- probably more dangerous than exposure to dioxin, 
formaldehyde, mercury, etc.  However, I don't think it's a good idea 
to abuse alcohol, nor do I think it's a good idea to expose people 
to chemical toxins in signicant doses from the environment or from 

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