ion channel densities

Joseph Strout jstrout at
Thu Nov 30 11:58:20 EST 1995

On 29 Nov 1995, Aaron King wrote:

> I am an applied mathematics student studying processing in dendritic trees.
> I'm new to the subject, so I wonder if anyone can tell me if any work has been
> done on the mechanisms by which neurons adjust ion channel densities in their
> membranes.  The channels must wear out and be replaced.  How do the neurons
> do this, and how do they decide how many channels to put where?  

A recent thread on the Neuron Emulation List covered this topic, and 
archives are available.  Two of the posts with references are:

Other messages in the thread may provide some thought-provoking material 
as well.  Let me know if you have any trouble navigating the archive.

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