DoD R&D funding for small firms

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Mon Oct 2 14:49:32 EST 1995

DoD's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program expects to fund $450 million in early-stage 
R&D projects at small technology companies in the next fiscal year. Awards will be made in technology 
areas that have defense and commercial applications.  Starting this fall, DoD will give its highest priority in 
making SBIR awards to small companies that are able to attract independent third-party investors -- such 
as venture capital firms, large companies, or "angel" investors.
If selected for award, these small companies will receive uninterrupted DoD funding of up to $850,000 
over a two-and-a-half year period.</i>  In practice, this means that an investor that offers to help fund an 
early-stage technology 
project at a small company can obtain a match of between $1 and $4 in DoD SBIR funds for every $1 the 
investor puts in.

This new policy -- the SBIR "Fast Track" -- was approved for implementation by Under Secretary of 
Defense (Acquisition & Technology) 
Dr. Paul Kaminski in early June.  Its purpose is to significantly increase DoD's success in converting SBIR 
research into affordable, 
high-performance products which serve military and commercial customers.

For more information:
* see the page entitled "DoD SBIR Fast Track" on the World Wide Web at</a>
* call 1-800-382-4634
* contact our DoD Fast Track listserver by e-mailing list at with the message join DoD on the 
first line of your e-mail.

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