Stereotaxic Atlas for Mice

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Tue Oct 3 05:47:50 EST 1995

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> I'm looking for a stereotaxic atlas for the mouse brain. If none are
> available I'll just take the coordinates for the 3rd ventricle on a flat
> skull using the bregma and central suture a reference points. Also if
> anyone has implanted guide cannulae in mice-what size cannula did you use?
> and Did you inject or infuse and what volume and flow rate are optimal.
> Any other helpful hints will be appreciated.
> Thanks-
> Beth 


   I recommand you "A stereotaxic atlas of the Albino mouse forebrain" 
B. M. Slotnick and C.M. Leonard  U.S. government printing office 1975.

  This atlas provides a stereotaxic and anatomical guide to the brain of
the CF-1 strain albino mouse that is very clear and precise. It has been
used for placing stimulating electrodes and making lesions in the brain
too. I hope this will be useful.


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