ibotenic acid kills monkeys?

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>I wondered whether some of the acid may be getting to the brainstem, and 
>affecting the respiratory centres or other vital nuclei. Is anyone aware 
>of literature on this subject? How fast does ibotenic acid work? Are 
>there any estimates of how far the injections go? Any suggestions?

It worries me considerably that you didn't try to find this stuff out *before*
you started killing subjects.  At least from the form of your questions it
would seem that you may benefit from reading a few articles and making sure
that your protocol is similar to theirs.  As one example try the work of RM
 Ridley--check Medline for refs but one to start with is 

Ridley, Baker, Drewett & Johnson (1985) Psychopharmacology, 86(4),438-443.

Unfortunately, most, if not all, of his lesion work is subcortical but it might
be a good place to start.

On the other hand, if you *have* followed all the usual protocols and are
experienced with the relevant surgical techniques and you are *still* losing
the animals--don't you think it might be time to contact a good research
facility-type veterinarian?

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