sseldin sseldin at WAY.COM
Wed Oct 4 16:05:33 EST 1995

A friend has Bells Palsy, caused by Herpes Virus which has damaged the
protective sheath of the nerves. The nerves have misconnected as they have
repaired themselves. This is causing a progressive contraction of some of
the facial muscles on the affected side together with weakness and attropy
in othe muscles. This is most noticable when her face is in motion ie.when
she is talking or eating. We have tried Botoxin (Botulism), but all that
does is to paralize the treated muscles and speed up the atropy. We have
also consulted several plastic surgeons, but none of them feel that the
risks of surgery are worth the limited reward. We have also consulted a
Chinese trained acupunturist, but she does not think that acupunture will help.

Does anyone know of a neurosurgeon or neuroligist who is experienced in
treating facial nerves that have been damaged by disease as oposed to accident?

Does anyone have any ideas as to other therapies that might be useful in
this situation?

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