Breast Implants (was re: Pharmaceuticals)

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>>I got into 
>>this discussion because I am interested in neurological problems and I am 
>>not the one who initiated this breast implant topic.  
>AJR wrote:

>To expect such questions to be quickly resolved or even scoped out by 
>a couple of "off the cuff" answers by the particular professionals who 
>just happen to be reading the news group that day is expecting more 
>than the system can possibly deliver.

Dear Jason and Alan,

Thank you both for the time and effort that you have put into responding
to my articles.

Jason, you are right, I have been unfair - I never meant to infer that
Dr. Ames is dishonest - I have nothing but respect for 99% of the scientist
that are out there.  The best people I know are scientifically trained.
Someone once said that the no.1 quality of humans that correlates the best
to all that is good about humankind is intelligence - and scientists as a
group contain the largest portion of this quality. I think that scientists
are such good people that they don't understand how bad people think.  
That's why the bad people usually win.

It is not the scientists that I have disrespect for - it is the people who
use the knowledge that great men have dedicated their lives for - and use 
this knowledge to justify the unleashing of toxic substances upon the earth 
- even though this knowledge is still open to interpretation.

It is obvious that I find myself in a group of the type of people that
I have always admired - scientifically trained people - who look at facts, 
and not at personalities.

I have been around people who are not like you - and it will take me some 
time to adjust to decent human beings.

I think I can contribute to discussions in this group - but I will say this 
- I have traveled a different road than most of you - and don't expect me to
rubber stamp the status quo.

If you are interested in a different point of view - then I'm your man - if 
not - then what's the purpose?
And as far as my qualifications - I have accomplished a few things in my
life that I am proud of - and I paid my own way.

Alan, that was a great article - you perfectly mirrored my thoughts on the
subject of scientific knowledge - the more I know, the more I am convinced
I know nothing at all (I'm sure you both would agree with me)

Thanks, again

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