Neurally Mediated Hypotension

Jean Linn myclonus at
Thu Oct 5 04:49:30 EST 1995

The most recent issue of JAMA details a study at Johns Hopkins of 24
patients previously diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome per the CDC
definition, 23 of whom were found to have Neurally Mediated
Hypotension.  More than a third of these patients responded to
traditional treatment for NMH and found that their CFS symptoms
significantly subsided.

I have been diagnosed with CFS for nearly 3 years, and am undergoing
NMH treatment and am finding that I, too, am responding dramatically to
the treatment.

I would like to invite thoughts on what mechanism might be responsible
for causing abrupt onset of NMH.  

Some information about my illness:  

My experience was an abrupt onset of CFS with a severe flu/mono type
illness (fever >103F, exudative tonsilitis, dual otitis media, dual
conjunctivitis, swollen lymph nodes, etc. all of which persisted
acutely for three weeks before very gradually subsiding).  A brain MRI
showed 7 lacunar foci not suggestive of cavernous hemangiomas,
neoplasmas or MS.  (A CFS patient group reported that as many as 70% of
CFS patients show nonspecific brain lesions on MRI.)  Nerve conduction
studies proved normal; neurocognitive studies showed significant
impairment of memory, encoding and retrieval, among other things.

Jean Linn

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