Fresh dissociated neurons --problems!

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Thu Oct 5 00:37:21 EST 1995

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 (Ren-Shiang Chen) writes:
>From: crs at (Ren-Shiang Chen)
>Subject: Fresh dissociated neurons --problems!
>Date: 3 Oct 1995 14:17:12 GMT

>First time post here, any inappropriateness please forgive me.

>I wonder if anyone can give me some suggestion about preparing fresh 
>dissociated  rat hippocampal neurons.  My lab is proforming whole-cell 
>recording on them for study drug kinetics.

[questions snipped]

I too would like some pointers, I have been trying to dissociate hippocampal
neurons for FURA2 intracellular calcium studies, and I can obtain NO viable
cells at all. Similar methods used on pituitaries results in about 90% viable 
cells. I am at my wits end, any suggestions?

Cheers! Ian

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