HELP? CorticoBasalGanglionicDegener

thth 75022.554 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Oct 8 02:06:30 EST 1995

Hi Y'all.

My mother is battling a neurological disease which was diagnosed 
at the Laheigh Clinic to be something called Corticobasal 
Ganglionic Degeneration. (CBGD is the affectionate diminutive. I 
think I got the name right - but I don't have a copy of the 
report handy.)

According to the doctors there, it is somewhat related to ALS, 
looks a little like Parkinsons but isn't, is extremely rare, and 
we're in for hell. In truth, hell's started already, but we've 
heard that this is just the beginning.

My mother is elderly (well, she's only 65 or so, but especially 
with this thing, she's elderly). She's already bedridden and 
can't take care of herself at all.

I imagine that even if there was some new experimental treatment 
for this or similar diseases, her case might be too far advanced 
to experiment anything. But I'd still really like to know if 
anybody out there knows anything about this disease.

Thanks much,
Yosi Greenfield, 75022.554 at

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