_Sedatives That Don't Interfere With REM Sleep

SAM Technology samtech at netcom.com
Wed Oct 11 20:44:54 EST 1995

I've recently used melatonin to promote sleep, and to some extent to relieve
chronic daily tension headaches.  It's currently available over the 
counter as a "dietary supplement"
I've  heard some things about it but I don't know if they're true:
Can anyone verify the following?
- It's a hormone that is responsible for inducing nocturnal sleep 
in normal humans.
- It's deficiency is linked with  depression.
- It's production is disrupted by beta-blockers and benzodiazepines, 
which causes disruption of restorative sleep.

I don't know whether or not it interferes with REM sleep (in what dosages).
Since it's a natural human sleep-related hormone I assume that there 
are dosageswhich don't interrupt REM sleep.
Anybody know?

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