please help diagnose

cts at cts at
Wed Oct 11 22:14:57 EST 1995

In 1987 I suffered a severe (viral) meningitis. Since that time I have various 
neurological complaints, such as: paresthesias, diplopia, sharp pain down my 
spine, numd hands and feet, excess stomach acid + ulcers, tiredness and, 
lately, a right arm that is paralyzed from time to time. MS was excluded.
After a long search I personally think this disease could possibly be 
arachnoiditis. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find a neurologist who is willing 
to confirm this diagnosis. In Holland, doctors don't appreciate patients who 
come up with a diagnosis themselves. I find it very difficult to live with a 
disabling disorder without a name. Is there anybody that is willing to help me?
Thanks, cts at pi,net

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