Melatonin safety

Stevejoe stevejoe at
Tue Oct 17 00:46:17 EST 1995

Mark A. McWilliams said: What if they made melatonin out of synthetically 
produced tryptophan?  Would that pose a health hazard?  Just wondering.
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>There isn't a good reason to take melatonin and it certainly could pose a
>safety hazard.

I can't believe that you do not know the story of the tryptophan fiasco - 
but for those who think synthetic tryptophan is poison - well, it is being 
added to baby formula right now!

And as for those taking melatonin having nothing better to do - yes, I agree 
that much is not known about the effects of melatonin - but one of the 
effects seems to be that it helps many people sleep.

It is obvious that you do not understand that many people suffer from 
insomnia to the point of being severely affected. - these people are 
desperate to find anything that will help them get a good night's sleep.

Sleep disturbances are now linked to neurochemical imbalances and many other 

To say that these people have nothing better to do is not fair.

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