Effects of Electrical Shocks?

Pete Palmer ppalmer at cray.com
Wed Oct 18 21:13:23 EST 1995

This is a repost of sorts.

I'm hoping that someone out there knows of any literature --
books, articles, reports -- concerning the short and longterm
effects of electrical shocks.  Please post anything I can
search on in the library, either titles, authors, publishers, etc.
I'm asking on behalf of my Uncle, who has checked many
libraries in the Pittsburg area without finding anything.

I am looking for anyone who has suffered from electrocution
and want to hear of their experiences.

About 18 years ago, my uncle was electrocuted with a 220 AC
power cable.  He was moving this cable when the insulation
was torn.  He was glued to the wire for an unspecified amount
of time (he had passed out).  The current went through his entire
body and arc'd out of his knee and his side (burning both areas)
and even melted his fillings in his mouth.  Fortunately, he

While most of the injuries seemed to have healed within 6 months
of the accident, he now is suffering from a whole series of
problems.  He has serious problems with the motor skills of
both of his arms, he has very serious ringing in his ears, 
he is lethargic, his knee is always in pain, etc.
This is a guy who never complains about his health, never
calls in sick, and in very good shape.

His doctors haven't done much about finding a source of
this problem.  He is really wondering if this electrocution
years ago could be the cause, since there has not been any
other event in his life that could be considered a cause for

Thanks in advance for any information,

Pete Palmer

ppalmer at cray.com

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