Effects of Electrical Shocks?

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> I'm hoping that someone out there knows of any literature -- 
> books, articles, reports -- concerning the short and longterm effects 
> of electrical shocks. 

These is an extensive literature.

> I'm asking on behalf of my Uncle, who has checked many libraries in 
> the Pittsburg area without finding anything.

He's probably looking in the wrong place, or in the wrong libraries.  You need 
a medical library, and you need to do a computer search on "electrical 
> He is really wondering if this electrocution years ago could be the 
> cause, since there has not been any other event in his life that could 
> be considered a cause for this. 

I have no idea, but if you're willing to plow through the literature, you can 
probably find out for yourself.

Beware, however, this is literature written for by physicians and for 
physcians, so it will be heavy going.

Some places to start:

Browne BJ, Gaasch WR: Electrical injuries and lightning. Emergency Medicine 
Clinics of North America.  10(2):211-29, 1992. 

Patten BM: Lightning and electrical injuries.  Neurologic Clinics.  
10(4):1047-58, 1992.

Fish R: Electric shock, Part I: Physics and pathophysiology.  Journal of 
Emergency Medicine.  11(3):309-12, 1993.

Fish R: Electric shock, Part II: Nature and mechanisms of injury. Journal of 
Emergency Medicine.  11(4):457-62, 1993.

Pliskin NH, Meyer GJ et al: Neuropsychiatric aspects of electrical injury. A 
review of neuropsychological research.  Annals of the New York Academy of 
Sciences.  720:219-23, 1994.

Vazquez D, Solano I et al: Thoracic disc herniation, cord compression, and 
paraplegia caused by electrical injury: case report and review of the 
literature.  Journal of Trauma.  37(2):328-32, 1994.

Carleton SC: Cardiac problems associated with electrical injury. Cardiology 
Clinics.  13(2):263-6, 1995.

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