Melatonin Bibliography

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Sun Oct 15 14:28:28 EST 1995


A few months ago Richard Wurtman wrote a note to Science News in which
he admonished admirers not to begin using melatonin until significant
experiments regarding its purity, dosage and mechanism were completed.

In the interim, here is a bibliography of papers which his laboratory
has published on the subject:

Zhdanova et al., (1995) Sleep inducing effects of low doses of melatonin
ingested in the evening.  Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 57: 552-8.

Dollins et al., (1993) Effect of pharmacological daytime doses of melatonin
on human mood and performance.  Psychopharmacology 112: 490-6.

Dollins et al., (1994) Effect of inducing nocturnal serum melatonin 
concentrations in daytime on sleep, mood, body temperature and performance.
PNAS, USA 91:1824-8.

Dollins et al., (1993) Effects of illumination on human nocturnal serum
melatonin levels and performance.  Physiology and Behavior 53: 153-60.

Deng et al., (1991) Melatonin and its precursors in Y79 human retinoblastic
cells: effect of sodium butyrate.  Brain Research 561: 274-8.

My three comments on this issue are:

1) I'm still not certain why a long term ban on the sale of L-tryptophan
   has remained in effect in the U.S., long after the discovery that a
   contaminant, and not the L-trp was responsible for the adverse
   neurological reaction observed in late 1989 in the U.S.

2)  Caveat emptor... (Let the buyer beware...)

3)  Why doesn't everyone run right out and buy monosodium glutamate
    as rat hippocampal NMDA channels are known to be adversely affected
    by a lack of this substance?  (see Hollmann and Heinemann, 1993, Ann. 
    Neurosci. 17: 31-108).

Comments invited,

Bert Gold
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