Effects of Electrical Shocks?

Peter Lombrozo peter at di.com
Fri Oct 20 17:24:24 EST 1995

In article <1995Oct18.211323.24488 at driftwood.cray.com>, ppalmer at cray.com says...
>This is a repost of sorts.
>I'm hoping that someone out there knows of any literature --
>books, articles, reports -- concerning the short and longterm
>effects of electrical shocks.  Please post anything I can
>search on in the library, either titles, authors, publishers, etc.
>I'm asking on behalf of my Uncle, who has checked many
>libraries in the Pittsburg area without finding anything.
>I am looking for anyone who has suffered from electrocution
>and want to hear of their experiences.

Here in Santa Barbara, CA, a 12-year-old boy somehow got past locked gates, barbed wire, etc. into an SCE 
substation and climbed one of the 16,000 volt structures where he got electrocuted.  He survived (REAL lucky, 
considering nobody could get in until SCE guys can with the key)!  He was at the LA burn center (maybe USC) 
for a couple of months and only lost one arm and maybe a leg below the knee.  Doctors aren't quite sure what 
the long term affect is going to be, but the boy doesn't seem to want to talk about it yet.  Look up newspaper 
articles up to about 2 months ago in our News-Press.  Good luck!

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