New Book for Caregivers on Alzheimers

Dave Combs combsdm at
Thu Oct 19 19:54:34 EST 1995

I would like to invite you to visit the new Internet 
home page of my book entitled, "A Long Good-Bye 
(Reflections on Dealing with Alzheimers." Just point 
your WWW browser to
If you do not have access to the WWW, feel free to
send me email at LindaCombs at if you would like 
more information.

The book has already been very helpful to many people 
dealing with Alzheimers. Perhaps it could be of help 
to you too. The book contains a collection of my 
thoughts and feelings as I have dealt with this dread 
disease since 1951 with my maternal grandmother, my 
mother (still living), an aunt and an uncle. I guess 
you could say that I am on a crusade to find the cure 
for this disease. I travel around the country giving 
two or three speeches a week to various medical and
caregiver related groups about Alzheimers. I am 49 
now, only two years away from the age at which we 
started noticing the early symptoms of Alzheimers in 
my mother. So, time is precious in the search for the 

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