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Wed Oct 25 13:01:50 EST 1995

In <308D5741.7A33 at> Klaus A Rytved <krytved at> writes:
>I was wondering if some patch-clamper could give me a little advice.
>I use a patch-clamp workstation with an EPC-7 amplifier, a CED 1401+ AD 
>converter and a 486-66 PC. Until now I have used the CED Patch and 
>voltage clamp software(ver 6.0) which I find very inadequate. I have 
>also tried the Dempster software package which I am not satisfied with 
>either. So far I have not been able to find any other software packages. 

I've used the Dempster software and it does all the basic things
pretty well. Solid and _useful_ (though not particularly sexy) 
software, imho. Plus, it's free to academics!

However, if you prefer an expensive, snazzy package (which may not
still be supported) you could try ISO2. This does single channel
and whole-cell, all bells and whistles, and it's damned fast. A
possible disadvantage is that you have to buy the A/D and graphics
cards with the software: it is (or was in 93) optimised for one
hardware configuration (that's why it's so fast).

Further information about ISO2:

MFK M. Friedrich, Stresemannallee 39, 60596 Frankfurt/M,
Germany. Tel: 49-69-634637. Fax: 49-69-634637. [These numbers
may not be up-to-date, but they are the only ones I have.]

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