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Klaus A Rytved krytved at
Tue Oct 24 16:14:41 EST 1995

I was wondering if some patch-clamper could give me a little advice.
I use a patch-clamp workstation with an EPC-7 amplifier, a CED 1401+ AD 
converter and a 486-66 PC. Until now I have used the CED Patch and 
voltage clamp software(ver 6.0) which I find very inadequate. I have 
also tried the Dempster software package which I am not satisfied with 
either. So far I have not been able to find any other software packages. 

Could someone point me to a software package that is usefull for single 
channel analysis and data aquisition, which will run on a PC.

Thansk you, Klaus A Rytved

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