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>On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, Peter H. Proctor wrote:
>>    Also, melanin is the most potent sound-absorbing agent known.   Sure 
>> enough, it is present in the inner ear.   Depigmenting syndromes ( E.G. 
>> Waardenburg's syndrome as well as blue-eyed white cats )  tend to be 
>> associated with Deafness.   
>Oliver Sacks in his book on the Migraine (1992) reported a case history
>of a patient who had a migraine aura that was modulated with the
>same frequency as his viberating motorbike.
>Ron Blue

     Fascinating...   A couple of interesting things about melenin and sound.

1) The original poster in this thread was in an ophthalmology department.   In 
some diseases, pigmentary retinopathy is associated with deafness.

2) The studies on the sound-absorbing properties of melanin were done at a 
defense research establishment in Japan,  by one of the world's foremost 
researchers in sound absorbtion.    Ever notice how most submarines seem to be 
black ?

Dr. Dr. Peter Proctor

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