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George Kostopoulos gkkostop at upatras.gr
Fri Oct 27 03:51:02 EST 1995

M e d i c a l     t e a c h  i n g   s o f t w a r e   n e e d e d .   
P l e a s e   h e l  p .
					October 27, 1995
Dear colleagues
Our Medical School is making an effort to catch up with modern 
teaching techniques and for that purpose we have started to collect and evaluate software and video teaching tools (primarily Neuroscie etc., but also clinical medicineI would greatly appreciate if you kindly notify me of any such teaching aid whiliked or if you simply direct me to the relevanOn behalf of our students and staff I sincerely thank you in advance for taking the timeGeorge
George K. Kostopoulos MD., PhD 
Professor, Department of  Physiology.
M E D I C A L   S C H O O L
U N I V E R S I T Y   O F   P A T R A S
Patra  261 10  Greece
phone:+30 61-992389, 997667, fax:30 61-997215, 
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