Olfactory ensheathing cell home page

Ron Doucette rondouc at DUKE.USASK.CA
Fri Oct 27 10:15:09 EST 1995

A new home page has been created to provide information, references, etc.
on the glial cells of the primary olfactory pathway; i.e., olfactory
ensheathing cells.  To find out more about these cells visit the following


The table of contents for this home page is listed below:

1. Contact information
2. What are ensheathing cells?
3. Selected references
     - review articles
     - expression of a myelinating phenotype
     - growing ensheathing cells in vitro
     - growth factors and their receptors
4. Setting up ensheathing cell cultures
     - Theiler stage 23 rat embryos
     - O4+ve cells from newborn rats
5. Staging of embryos
6. Abstracts of "in press" manuscripts
7. Interesting links

Ron Doucette
rondouc at duke.usask.ca

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