help: looking for good book.

Tareq I. J. Albaho tij at
Sat Oct 28 03:37:24 EST 1995


not being a neuroscientist (i am a physicist), i am not familiar with
the literature in the field and would appreciate it if someone helped
find a short-cut to what i need.

i am looking for a good, readable, text on the developmental biology
of the human (or at least mammalian) brain.  i am most interested in
that period of time just before birth and thereafter.

i would really prefer a single-author text since these are usually
much smoother to read through cover-to-cover.

it would also help if this was in print! - although i would also like
to hear about any outstanding texts in the field which may no longer
be available at the bookstores.

thanks so much.

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