A Chiari malformation / MRI's

larryr at daka.com larryr at daka.com
Sun Oct 29 05:15:23 EST 1995

I have had one CAT and several MRI's over the past several years.  
At one point the neurologist examining me reported that the MRI's just done at the 
same prestigious Clinic/Hospital with their then brand new state of the art GE 1.5 machine,
showed that I had Arnold Chiari syndrome or malformation.  

A couple of weeks ago I had another MRI this time (several years later) done on a Pickard .5 machine.
Now the report states that "A Chiari malformation is not visualized on this examination."  A Chiari, to my lay person
knowledge is not something that could just disappear.... Is it?  Could it be the difference between the 1.5 vs .5 machines?

The test were ordered by my family MD who is out of town for a couple of weeks and the neurologist that I am 
scheduled to see only comes to town every so often so he will not be in town until the first od Dec.  
Ah the joys of moving from the megatropolis to the beauty of small town living...

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