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Ren-Shiang Chen crs at
Sun Oct 29 12:03:27 EST 1995

Klaus A Rytved (krytved at wrote:
: Could someone point me to a software package that is usefull for single 
: channel analysis and data aquisition, which will run on a PC.

Personaly I think the 'pCLAMP 6.0' is a good choice.  The program is 
a production of AXON INSTRUMENT and is designed to run on a 486 PC.
As it's name, it's a program for patch-clamping experiment, both 
acquisition and analysis.

BTW, I'll like to ask a further question. Is there anyone knowing that 
if pCLAMP 6.0 can run on a 586 (pentium) PC?  As I know, previous version of
pCLAMP (5.5) can't run well on 486 PC. Thus I want to know whether I 
should buy a new pentium PC or just 486.  Anyone know that?  
Any suggestion appreciated! 

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