Unethical practices - drug industry

Noel E Cranswick noel at popa.melbpc.org.au
Tue Oct 31 18:18:15 EST 1995

pproctor at sam.neosoft.com (Peter H. Proctor) wrote:

>>Of course, the large % of docs who write scripts for drugs because that 
>>drug company gives them perks, vacations, you name it, does not help the 
>>situation at all. 


>   Gee, I've been a physician for a while and didn't know about this.   
>Clearly,  I'm missing something.   Please post details so I will know where to 
>sign up.   I am particularly interested in taking a free vacation.

ME too
Where, when, how?
(& I thought I used drugs to help get patients better!!!)

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