Edelman's Theory of NGS

Jason L. Eriksen jerikse at news.luc.edu
Wed Sep 6 23:39:54 EST 1995

I'd like to start off this thread by calling for the erudite scholars of
this group (that means YOU!) to contribute your thoughts about Edelman's
theory of neuronal group selection.  After having completed 
_Neuronal Darwinism_, I was impressed with the depth and breadth of his
knowledge, and the book served to crystallize a number of concepts that
I had been mulling over for years, but never formally categorized.

It would be especially gratifying to hear modifying views of Edelman's 
grand scheme.  How valid, for instance, is the proposal that CAMS and
SAMS are the guiding principal behind formation of primary neuronal groups,
as opposed to a more generalized peptide related system?  Gangliogenesis, 
in the PNS, for glia cells involves the secretion of peptide factors, which
in turn activates condensation, rather than CAM secretion resulting in 
the formation of ganglia.

Then there is the issue of primary and secondary system formation.  How
valid is the idea that the secretion of a dozen or so CAMS and SAMS can
create over a 100,000 different localized groups?

Is network formation a collection of modified Hebbian rules in the
Secondary network formation, or are non-deterministic elements and stochastic
elements involved?  Is Penrose's idea of Quantum indeterminancy
as an element of consciousness neurologically valid, or pure bushwah; 
does Stocastic Resonance greatly change the rules of neural network formation?

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