hebbian learning

tareq i. j. albaho tij at valadon.espci.fr
Wed Sep 13 04:13:45 EST 1995


please forgive a theoretical physicist for invading your privacy, but
i am currently working on connectionist computation, which is supposed
to be at least partially inspired by neuroscience.

i have a question concerning hebbian learning, which has long been
accepted in my domain as the acceptable model of learning via neural
plasticity.  it was proposed by donald hebb in 1949.

in this model, the connection between two "neurons" is strengthened if
both neurons are firing, and this leads to learning.

however, only recently i read that there is no direct experimental
support for the hebbian model of neural plasticity.

is this true?

can someone please give me references on what mechanisms
neuroscientists currently believe are behind learning?

thanks so much,

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