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Mon Sep 18 21:35:20 EST 1995

Dear Readers:

I am working with a patient who has been diagnosed with Painful Legs and
Moving Toes Syndrome. In researching this condition, I have found few
references in regards to therapeutics. Currently, the only paper I have
found was published in Movement Disorders, Vol. 9 No. 1, 1994, pp13-21 by
Dressler, Thompson, Gledhill and Marsden.

This patient's neurologist has been prescribing sedatives, however, the
patient no longer wishes to continue with this therapy since she, in her
words, "cannot live a functional life as a zombie." 

I would appreciate any information in regards to research, therapeutics,
etc.. in the treatment of this disease. You may contact me personally at
the following:

voice: 708/889/6695
email: bilkarla at

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