temporal memory

Neal Prakash eamg061 at aldebaran.oac.uci.edu
Wed Sep 20 23:32:14 EST 1995

driving a familiar route in my car today got me thinking about memory--i 
was wondering if anyone had thoughts/theories/experiments on the following:

what kind of neural mechanisms might be responsible for remebering a 
sequence of events. for example, as a drummer, i learn lots of songs, 
when i actually play a song i know well, the act of playing one measure 
leads easily to the act of playing (remembering) the next measure. 
whereas if i were to try to recall one particular measure of music with 
no reference to the rest of the song it would be much more difficult.

i imagine the same is for dancers--one step in practicing is to learn an 
part of a dance, but another step is learning how the individual steps 
flow together in real time.

so it seems like as a network fires to initiate a complex sequence (one 
measur of music, or one part of a dance) this triggers another network to 
the next sequence and so forth.  this probably requires cues from other 
areas like the auditory cortex to anticipate what comes next in the 
music. so would this type of memory be primarily "stored" in the 
hippocampus, cerebellum, pma, basal ganglia, etc, or distributed across 
the whole cortex?

any one care?

-neal prakash

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