ADD and Ritalin

Jason Kennerly jkenner at
Mon Sep 25 11:19:57 EST 1995

rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU (Ron Blue) writes:
> Caffiene may help.  Caffiene block A1 receptor but not A2 receptors
> for adosine (sp).  Ginger may help since it has anti-nauseua effect.

Are you sure about this??? I was under the impression that caffeine was 
active as an antagonist at both A1 and A2 receptors - and that it 
differs from other xanthines in that it inhibits PDE less... feedback is 
on this is appreciated as I am trying to gather data on N substituted 

> Anti-nauseua medicine have been reported as helping ADHD.  This suggest
> that the thalmus is deeply involved in the problem.

Blah. The dopamine transporter itself is most likely to blame. There's 
been research done to support this... I can get an abstract if needed but 
cant seem to locate it on my messy hard drive right now...

In any case there is DEFINITLY a physical difference. Several years ago I 
tried methamphetamine as a "recreational" drug, only to fall asleep... 
Dexedrine did just the same thing. Ritalin seems to wake me up a little 
bit, but still helps focus. I dont know WHY, just know that this is the 
way it is for me... and that most people are physcially unable to sleep 
on methamphetamine or other stimulants, while I sleep thru them easily 
but do not sleep easily thru caffeine [without tolerance] or LSD-25, two 
other drugs that postpone sleep but are not dopaminergics...

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