Chuck Easttom skeptic at
Wed Sep 27 23:21:03 EST 1995

    	I am currently taking a course in the neurobiology of memory 
and we have discussed at length LTP (Long Term Potentiation) in the 
hyppocampus as a potential neural mechanism for memory storage.  The 
literature for the course (including journal articles) is 2 years + old 
and I am sure more has been discovered.  I would greatly appreciate any 
one who could provide me with information on the following points, or 
at least direct me to a more up to date paper on the subject.  Thank 

1.  An inital study showed LTP saturation in the Dentate Gyrus to 
interfere with passive avoidence learning tasks.  However several 
subsequent studies could not confirm this.  Has there been solid 
confirmation or refutation of this issue?

2.  What of laboratory induced LTP short time frame (a few days/weeks). 
This makes it an unlikely vehicle for Long Term Memory (LTM).  Has any 
conclusive study supported the following:
    a) Link LTP specifically to short term memory and perhaps identify 
    other potential mechanisms for LTM?
    b) Demonstrated other versions/forms of LTP which have a sufficient
    duration to account for LTM
    c) provided confirmation for the memory indexing view point of    
    hippocampal involvement in memory.

Thank you for your assistence.

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