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Wei-chen Lin wql1751 at
Thu Sep 28 22:09:38 EST 1995

Hi everyone,
	I'm a student of master's program in Psychology, heading for
Cognitive Neuroscience. I'm especially interested in temporal coding, time
perception and memory, using Cognitive Psychology as a top-down and 
Neuroscience as a buttom-up approach.
	During searching for doctoral programs of my interest, I found it
very time consuming because Neurocognition is interdisipline; professors
who have similar interests belong sometimes to psychology departments,
sometimes to biology, physiology or neurology departments. I wonder if
there is a comprehensive list or directory of programs in Neurocognition
(Cognitive Neuroscience), or alternative searching methods thus I can
save plenty of time.

	Thanks in advance for your advice.

					Wei-Chen Lin

					WQL1751 at
					New York University

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