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>I did not; nor have I ever said that the university research was serving 
>no useful purpose. I simply would like a list of the drugs which have
>been researched, developed and marketed by a non-industry system.  

Well, considering that any institution which developed and marketed a drug
would immediately become part of the pharmeceutical industry by definition,
your request for a list is rather self-serving.  Also, how about considering
the medication Procardia.....  It was on the list of the top 10 drugs in
the US on sci.med, and it has been shown to cause MORE heart attacks in
hypertensive patients, than no treatment at all.  This was also reported on
20/20 several months ago, and they claimed that the manufacturer has known
about it even longer.  Personally, I find that any industry which would
kill people for profits is not generally under consideration for my
"most ethical industries" list.

When the profit is high enough, I imagine the drug companies would do just
about anything they felt they could get away with in order to maintain their

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