A puzzling case: hints wanted

Jean-Jacques Dumont dumont at slsun3.epfl.ch
Fri Sep 1 08:08:51 EST 1995

It is the second time I'm posting a 'help' message in this newsgroup
for my friend who has been suffering during about 15 years from severe
neural disorders. As none of the dozens of neurologists who tried to
treat her could even formulate a decent diagnosis, my first question
a couple of months ago was whether there was any hope that homeopathy 
could help for such a puzzling case. The best answer I could get was
more or less: 'maybe'.

This was a strong disappointment for me, as I usually expect and get a lot
more from the net for any other kind of problem.

In this second attempt, I'll try to be more precise in the description of
symptoms, even if it is very hard to express, especially when it is not
your mother tongue:

First, all classical symptoms are present, in various mixtures:

- periods of deep depression, compensated by short periods of manic
  activity. But it is not manic-depression (only the bad side effects
  of stableizers like lithium do show up)

- lack of coordination for both thoughts and movements

- crisis periods featuring strong anxieties and aggressiveness

Second, she describes herself the peculiarities of her case in the
following manner:

'It is like having thousands of tiny beasts eating up my neurones, giving
me pain everywhere in the brain and stopping the vital flows. I have no 
energy left to do anything, except fighting the ill. Sometimes, it is like
life is flowing out of my body, leaving the rest of me in hell'

When such crises arise, her face gets distorted and stiff. Her eyes are
fixed in a frightening expression. She indeed looks like Death. 
And then, suddenly, she comes back to earth and looks almost
normal again.

Neuroleptics, tricyclics, mono-oxydase inhibitors, or whatever... 
nothing ever had a lasting positive effect. Nor any mixture of them...

So, who could give me a hint, who could give her a hope?

Thanks for your attention

Jean-Jacques Dumont
Lausanne - Switzerland

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