Bee's Brains - reference - from New Scientist

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Fri Sep 1 14:58:11 EST 1995

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> New Scientist had a news item or perhaps an article on bee's brains two or
> three years ago.  This item mentioned research that had found one neuron is
> connected to all of the others in the bee's brain.
> I am trying to track down this work so I can reference it.  I have tried
> looking through the New Scientist indexes.  However, this has been
> unsuccessful.
> If you know of this news item or this work and can point me in the direction
> of the issue, another reference or the people involved I would be most
> grateful.

New Scientist now has CD-ROMs available containing all the articles from
the last 5 years.  8-) Unfortunately, they cost #595. 8-( Perhaps your
college library will get them.

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