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Scott Jacoves scjacove at
Sat Sep 2 17:53:01 EST 1995

     Hi there. This is one of those annoying requests for 
information that probably won't bring any stimulating
conversation to the group, but will be very helpful to me;
     I'm currently looking for neuroscience programs to apply to
and am wondering which programs would:

     1) Have faculty working on the neurological basis of
        animal behavior from an ethological perspective.
        For example, what ware the underlying structures and
        activities responsible for the homing behavior of
        digger wasps?

     2) Have faculty interested in the field of artifical life.

     3) Have faculty working on memory.

     4) Are familiar with James Gibson's work.

 Or if anyone knows where a detailed list of graduate programs
in either neural science or animal behavior are I'd be
much obliged.

 Thanks a lot.

 Scott Jacoves     scjacove at

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