Structure of the Optical Nerves ??

kaim at kaim at
Sun Sep 3 17:04:37 EST 1995


I have studied Electronics.

A friend of mine is blind on one eye. Isn't it possible
To connect light sensors (or a complete optical camera chip)
to the optical nerve in the eye ?
I understood that there are milions of these nerve endings in the 

I have heard of a similair connection to nerve cells involved with hearing.

The brain automatically sorts out the information stream.

I mean with my friend there is still an optical nerve. It's his eye 
that doen't work anymore.

Is this a stupid idea, or is it simply too dificult to do ?

What I'd like to know is how do the optic nerve cells pick up signals, and 
how do "bio sensors" in genaral work. 

Like touch and heat/cold sensations.

I know it is a electrical/chemical process that starts somewhere.

Fill me in.

Ronald Kaim.

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