Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS)

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Sun Sep 3 18:36:28 EST 1995

Thanks, Scott.... I don't deal with GBS in my practice anymore, but I've
made a note of the web page and added it to my "things to do pile"  (don't
ask how how far behind I am, though <g>) 
Leslie Packer, PhD 
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>lpacker at (Leslie Packer) wrote: 
>>If you check out NORD (National Organization of Rare Disorders), you can 
>>get info on GBS.  
>> <rest of message omitted> 
>If you have a Web browser, you can find a great deal of information 
>about GBS at the following site: 
>There is also a good GBS review article by Allan H. Ropper in the 
>April 23, 1992 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (pp. 
>Scott McIntosh (75542.2477 at 

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