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Mon Sep 4 09:08:55 EST 1995

Donna Tabish (102703.3346 at CompuServe.COM) wrote:
: I would like to know if anyone has, is doing research on, is 
: interested in, or knows internet locations of information 
: concerning the possible correlation/similarities between the 
: effect on consciousness/personality of the split-brain (either by 
: surgery or in early developmental years) and the phenomena of 
: dissociation/dissociated identity.

I'm only 'brainstorming' here. But since there are no other replies, here 
Isn't there a link between split brain and crossed lateral dominance? 
Some of these people can become really good actors, though they can't 
read their scripts.
As I have learnt from alt.support.dissociation, a rather gruelling 
newsgroup, and Discord's FAQ which is advisable to read before posting 
there, multiples form around what happens at times of great stress. There 
may be any number of multiples, not just two which might be suggested by 
split brain. However the trauma of brain damage might cause a situation 
around which new personas might form.
One of the theses propounded on the newsgroup alt.consciousness.4th-way 
is that we are all made of many 'I's, and that we have to 'self-remember' 
or allow all these 'members' to come together.
Another thing which bears on the matter is that people can live quite 
well and even be very intelligent with only a brain stem.
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