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Mon Sep 4 16:59:08 EST 1995

>You've got as a component, 
>methyl ester which becomes methanol and then converts to formaldehyde and

>formic acid (ant sting poison).  The patient gets metabolic acidosis.  As
>Dr. Roberts points out in his book this severe biochemical state, 
>excessive acids in the body can result in respiratory failure and death.

Could you explain how this happens chemically?
(or is this just heresay?)

>They have sacrificed the diabetics!  It was just yesterday when I 
>mentioned NutraSweet that a woman said: "Why my aunt is a diabetic and 
>uses NutraSweet all day long."  I said: "Then your aunt is very sick - 
>she is either losing her vision or blind, has joint pain, her blood sugar

>is out-of-control, she had headaches, is very depressed, and her 
>physician doesn't know why she has all the problems."  The woman was 
>shocked and said: "Why yes, how did you know?  The only thing you left 
>out is she has boils and she has to take two hands to open her eyelids. 
>Her doctor has no idea why she keeps getting worse or what is doing it."

>I told Mrs. Foree that she probably then also has myasthenia gravis which

>is also triggered by aspartame.  When I mentioned it to Dr. Roberts he 
>said that probably is the case and she should have a Tensilon test.

I find it difficult to believe that aspartame (Nutrasweet) could cause
Gravis (plus all the other problems you constantly talk about.)  I drink
diet Coke and Pepsi alot (at least one 2-liter bottle a day), and I am
perfectly healthy.  This I have been doing for at least 10+ years.  I also
have an elderly grandmother who drinks several 2-liter bottles of Diet
Pepsi a week --- no problems with her either.  Quite frankly, I don't look
to see if the foods I eat have the Nutrasweet symbol or not (and I
probably do eat some of it once in awhile).  So far so good...

 Where do you get your research from?  I noticed that Dr. Roberts quoted
all his comments from his own books.  Gee, that sounds kind of
self-gratifying to me.  Any other books or prominent physicians that agree
with you?  

I have read that Nutrasweet has the possibility to cause cancer if taken
in high doses.  And I don't plan on eating a "Nutrasweet only" diet, but
some of your comments sound, well .....

I for one am getting tired of always coming on and finding this argument
going.  You posted something about you talking to a friend and her telling
you her horror story.  I don't care!  Take it to the private e-mail if you
are talking to someone in particular, otherwise keep the posts to facts or
research only, not opinions.  

  --tired of this argument.

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