Tricia Revest ugha008 at alpha.qmw.ac.uk
Tue Sep 5 10:43:28 EST 1995

I am hoping to buy a new scope for the lab, I'd thought about getting a 
Gould but can't decide on which model.
They do a range (400 series) which seems to vary mainly in their bandwidth 
(20-200MHz) and sampling rate (100 or 200 Ms/sec).
They also vary in price from 1700-3000 pounds.
I want to use it for electrophysiology, mainly for patch clamping (whole 
and single cell).
Has anyone any ideas about which to buy, have you got one, which would be 
Please email me, thanks 

   P.A.Revest at qmw.ac.uk  (from London UK) 

this is alpha calling Earth :)  

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