Unethical practices - drug industry

research36 at aol.com research36 at aol.com
Wed Sep 6 07:45:11 EST 1995

> When the profit is high enough, I imagine the drug companies would
> do just about anything they felt they could get away with in order
> to maintain their cash-flow.

Seems to me we are damned either way.
Without the drug companies (and the huge profit motive) there would be 
no drug research that does bring us the much needed new meds.  The 
Universities do not have the $$ to test without the drug companies.
Unfortunately, that same profit motive results in the drug companies 
doing *anything* to get drugs on the market and sold.

Of course, the large % of docs who write scripts for drugs because that 
drug company gives them perks, vacations, you name it, does not help the 
situation at all.  No thread on the unethical practices of the drug 
industry should omit the unethical practices of the medical profession.  
Not to mention the incompetent practices.

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