Structure of the Optical Nerves ??

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>> : Hi,
>> : I have studied Electronics.
>> : A friend of mine is blind on one eye. Isn't it possible
>> : To connect light sensors (or a complete optical camera chip)
>> : to the optical nerve in the eye ?
>The problem is: if the retina's gone, you have to mimick the
>its function with a circuit/algorithm (I totally ignore interacing
>difficulties here). The information compression factor is 126:1, a lot 
>of processing horsepower (well beyond any current/near future 
>supercomputer according to Moravec. And he's too optimistic, imo). 

Why is this information compression, and why is it beyond a supercomputer?
I've seen no information which indicates that it goes 126:1 *retaining* all
the information, only that its 126:1.

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